Annual audits

  • legally required and voluntary final audits taking branch-specific special regulations into account, e.g. the provisions of the Kreditwesengesetz [German Credit System Act] or the Wertpapierhandelsgesetz [German Securities Trading Act]
  • individual company and group audits
  • auditing of public businesses (businesses or companies operated as separate enterprises by local authority, special funds under public law)
  • auditing according to the Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz [Budgeting and Accounting Principles Act]

Special Audits

  • Due Diligence for company purchases
  • auditing of the internal control and risk-management system
  • auditing of measures taken by the board of directors
  • auditing of improper under-valuations
  • examination of preservation of value for contributions in kind
  • examination of the use of funds
  • foundation audit according to the Aktiengesetz [German Company Law]
  • auditing of concepts for restoration to profitability
  • auditing of actual or impending insolvency or excessive indebtedness
  • auditing according to the Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung [property developer and real estate agent provisions]
  • auditing in the case of tortious acts

Auditing of Interim and Special Balances in the event of

  • company foundations
  • transformations
  • mergers
  • sales of companies
  • winding up of partnership and settlement between company owners
  • liquidations and insolvencies

Examination and Consultancy

  • development of a risk-management system
  • development of an internal revision system

Company evaluation

  • expert reports and consultancy activity in the evaluation of entire companies or company departments
  • advice on matters of succession, winding up of companies and company succession

Expert Reports on Business Management

  • export reports on arbitration matters
  • drafting of expert reports for financing purposes (loan value)
  • expert reports on mergers
  • expert reports on organisation

Audits in the Case of Dealings Abroad

  • auditing according to foreign and international principles of the presentation of accounts (US-GAAP, IAS)

Trusteeship Responsibilities

  • acceptance of trusteeships
  • acceptance of administration of wills