Economic Advice


Starting up a Business

  • analysis of the market and competitive situation
  • advice on the choice of legal form

Succession Arrangements

  • dealing with business and organisational aspects
  • complete processing of procedural and structural possibilities according to business, legal and taxation standpoints
  • development of financing models

Investment Advice and Provision for Old Age

  • tax and strategic advice on the purchase or sale of shares, funds and investment funds
  • introduction of company pension schemes


  • liquidity planning
  • venture capital
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • management buy-out/ buy-in

Company Management

  • coaching
  • introduction of cost-accounting systems
  • Aworking out calculation models

Advice on Restoration of Profitability

  • analysis of weak points
  • business comparisons
  • concepts for restoration of profitability
  • time management
  • restoration of profitability controlling