Our Philosophy


Client and consultant - companions in mutual trust

The economic activity of our clients is a lifelong enterprise. The economic existence of every one of us knows no end: the way is the goal. We can only define stages which occasionally allow us to take a short rest. We constantly have to re-appraise our orientation and if necessary pursue a new path. The challenge is to find the right path.

The paths are not always wide. Sometimes it is like walking on a tightrope. Steep paths require strength, long straight paths allow speed. Some paths are winding. We would like to give our clients competent bearings when they leave familiar ground. Sometimes we are leaders, sometimes companions. We are always discussion partners. Together with our partners we build bridges and thus reach new regions. We put highwaymen and robbers firmly in their place.

In doing so, we learn from our clients and with our clients. We our proud of the experience acquired in this way and are happy to pass it on.

Tax law, company law and business planning are dimensions that interact closely in company decision-making. Knowledge of human nature, sensitivity and tact are the factors that determine success in implementation.

Advice on tax law structure is difficult and complex, requiring precision, circumspection and vision, a thorough grasp of the subject and instinct. Detailed knowledge provides solutions to individual questions. Strategic decisions require extensive all-round experience.

Good consultancy is inter-disciplinary. It requires the interaction of various individuals and groups with different types of know-how. If this approach succeeds, the value of the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. Only a solution that is viable in business terms, watertight in legal terms and that also saves resources in taxation law terms can be considered as a good conception on the whole. We develop such concepts and support their implementation.

Our clients know their business. We help them to secure it and to guide it towards a prosperous future. We actively help you shape this future by attacking the future with our clients and setting the directions.

Our partners are generalists and at the same time specialists in certain fields. Our partners can rely on an experienced team. TaxConcept.